Make Canada a Technology Powerhouse of the North

Make Canada a Technology Powerhouse of the North

We have some of the brightest minds in the world, some of the best universities and we invest heavily in basic research. 

You would think Canada would be a world leader in technology and innovation.

But in the current industrial revolution – the digital revolution – Canada has been falling behind.

According to the 2020 Bloomberg Innovation Index, Canada has been slipping and we now stand at number 22 worldwide.

This needs to change.

As part of my Jobs Plan for Canada, I will make Canada a Technology Powerhouse of the North.

We will do this by strategically targeting our research investments into areas that will deliver the high-paying jobs of the future.

When a start-up company needs to grow, I won’t let red tape get in its way. We will put in place the policies and supports that will let Canadian tech firms raise the capital that’s needed so the best jobs stay at home.

No Canadian should be left out.  Remote work has become commonplace, which is one reason why I will deliver high-speed internet access to rural and remote areas in every part of Canada.

My commitment to spend two per cent of GDP on military spending will boost research and advanced manufacturing work for Canadians and bolster our aerospace, defence and technology industries. 

I am also committed to fast tracking the implementation of 5G in Canada with equipment from our trusted allies and not from Huawei.  This is the platform we need for jobs in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and other areas of growth.

This is just part of my Jobs Plan for Canada.  It's a plan for our future.

  • High-speed rural and remote Internet across Canada
  • Restructure federal research investments to bolster digital knowledge and commercialization that will help make Canada a net exporter of technology
  • Work with provinces to enable entrepreneurs to raise capital and grow into public companies in Canada rather than see our best companies and most creative people move to other markets
  • Eliminate tax preferences that keep digital giants from hiring Canadian workers and locating in Canada
  • Fully realize the research and other benefits that will come with an increase in military spending to the NATO target of 2% of GDP. This includes more jobs in our aerospace, defence and technology industries
  • Stronger protections for Canadian intellectual property
  • A modern and user-friendly federal government, that offers secure services on a digital first basis to individual Canadians and businesses
  • Fast track the implementation of 5G in Canada to support advanced manufacturing, adoption of artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and effective world class emergency response systems



Do you agree or disagree with Peter that Canada needs to invest in high speed internet in rural and remote communities?