Support Small Business

Support Small Business

When I think of a small business owner, I see a risk-taker, an innovator, a self-starter, and an employer to over eight million Canadians.  

I see an electrical and plumbing contractor, a chef who operates a local restaurant, an inventor launching a new technology, a farmer, someone who immigrated to Canada to start a new life and a small business.  

When Justin Trudeau looks at a small business owner, he sees a tax cheat.  

As prime minister, I will treat small business owners and their family members fairly and with respect.  That's why I will eliminate Trudeau’s punitive tax on small business owners.

Justin Trudeau’s lack of support for small business under COVID-19  is an even bigger concern. When small businesses need an immediate loan to survive, the Liberal response has been slow and anemic. Millions of Canadians will remain unemployed for much longer than necessary if these businesses do not survive.

As Prime Minister, I will help with small business financing by:

  • Treat small business owners fairly; including family members who contribute to the success of the business. This begins by eliminating Trudeau’s Tax on Split Income
  • Allow small business owners to invest their RRSP funds into their enterprises
  • Extend the Canada Emergency Business Account for a second year
  • Reduce the small business tax rate on earnings reinvested in the business
  • Implement practical measures to allow inter-generational transfer of small businesses

Today, I encourage all Canadians to buy local and buy Canadian whenever we can. Every job counts.

Do you agree or disagree with Peter's plan to treat business owners fairly, and eliminate Trudeau's tax on split income?