Review Canada's COVID Response

Review Canada's COVID Response

Serious questions are being raised about the conduct of China and the origins and actions which led to this global pandemic. And yet Canada remains silent.  

The US, Australia, the European Union, and the United Kingdom have all spoken out. So why hasn’t Justin Trudeau joined our trusted allies in calling for an international investigation into the conduct of the Chinese communist regime?

Don't Canadians who have suffered and succumbed to this terrible virus deserve answers. Justin Trudeau should be pushing China to provide answers and be accountable.

My focus has been to provide constructive ideas to help us all get through this pandemic together. I have proposed practical solutions for Canadians such as urgently needed tax relief, giving pensioners more control over their savings, and incentivizing our domestic workforce to help protect our critical food supply. But I also want to ensure this type of crisis never happens to Canada and the world. We have every right to demand accountability from China, just as we did from the Iranian regime for killing Canadian citizens on board flight 752 to Ukraine.

Justin Trudeau has always been soft when it comes to China. He hasn’t done nearly enough to get Michael Kovrig and Spavor, two Canadians being held hostages free from China. He hasn’t stood up for our agricultural producers who are getting hammered in a trade war with China. He seems paralyzed in making the decision to deny Huawei the contract to build our 5G network.  

Why won’t Justin Trudeau join our closest allies in standing up to the Chinese regime over their role in the spread of Covid-19. He may admire China’s “basic dictatorship” but I do not.

The world needs to know what happened, and Canada must add our voice to the global community in the calling for a full review and investigation.

Justin Trudeau has failed on the world stage, I will always defend our interests at home and abroad. It is what I did as Minister of Foreign Affairs and during my almost 10 years in Government. And it is what I will do as our next Prime Minister.

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