Supporting Canada's Outdoor Community

Supporting Canada's Outdoor Community

More than one-in-four Canadians enjoy recreational Fishing. That means more people fish in Canada than play hockey.

The outdoor community that covers fishing, hunting, trapping, shooting, outfitting has a $20 billion impact on our economy.  But more than the economic impact, these are activities that are embedded into the culture of Canada and are passed from one generation to the next.

Todays fish and wildlife conservation needs include responsible management for biodiversity, recovery of species at risk, human-wildlife conflicts, conservation education and wildlife and human/livestock health issues.

These are not activities or issues we hear discussed in the halls of power in Ottawa or by federal bureaucrats.  But I believe it is part of our heritage.  As responsible stewards of nature and our environment, I propose to:

  • Establish a Made in Canada” policy that affirms fishing, hunting, trapping and sport shooting as traditional, environmentally sustainable, outdoor heritage activities.
  • Require all proposals which restrict or ban public access to any public lands or waters to have independent peer-reviewed, site-specific, scientific data in support of any changes in use
  • Secure a long-term source of dedicated funding for fish and wildlife conservation.
  • Re-establish a federal advisory board for Outdoor Heritage that would inform policies on hunting, angling, trapping and shooting.
  • Establish recreational fishing, hunting and trapping divisions and advisory groups with reps from every province and territory at appropriate ministries

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