Get our Natural Resources to Market

Get our Natural Resources to Market

Canada is blessed with an abundance of natural resources.

It is on this foundation that generations that came before us built this country. Every region has taken part and every region has benefited.

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada remains among the most resource-rich nations in the world.

There are some who think we should abandon our resources and leave them be.

I don't.

I believe we can manage them responsibly, add value to our natural resources, and provide millions of new high-paying jobs to Canadians.

But Justin Trudeau takes a different view.  He simply can't get things done when it comes to major natural resource projects.

It is time to change direction.

My six-point plan on natural resources is part of my comprehensive Jobs Plan for Canada.

I won’t block our nationally significant resource projects. I will get behind them.

Our natural resources not only generate direct and indirect jobs but also provide the raw materials we use in construction, machinery, equipment, cars and the products that we sell all over the world.

This is not something to apologize for. 

I will help Canadian businesses sell our natural resources and advanced products to markets in Canada and around the world. And I will do it with pride.

Please join my campaign and, as Conservatives, we will do this together, for the benefit of all Canadians.

  • Get behind new natural resource projects in a sector that today accounts for one million direct jobs in agriculture, oil and gas, forestry, fishery, and mining
  • Repeal Bills C-69 and C-48 that impede the development of energy projects
  • Prioritize national infrastructure projects that support the transportation of Canadian goods and energy to domestic and international markets
  • Meaningful Indigenous engagement with shared benefits and robust environmental assessments but with processes that have hard caps on time limits and with clear criteria
  • A national economic corridor that supports Canadian job growth and economic resilience
  • Internationally competitive tax and incentive programs for exploration and development of natural resources


Do you agree or disagree with Peter that the federal government needs to get behind new natural resource projects?