Manufacture PPE in Canada

Manufacture PPE in Canada

Canada needs a strong manufacturing sector.

And we need a supply chain for Personal Protective Equipment – made in Canada.

We can’t rely on other countries for essential supplies.

Justin Trudeau’s plan to get critical medical supplies from China is a disaster unfolding before our eyes.

Two Canadian supply planes came home from China empty.

Over a million of the masks that did make it to Canada had to be burned because of poor quality.

Our front-line nurses and doctors deserve better, they deserve made in Canada quality.

We need to stand up for Canadians and support Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs.

We need to create jobs in Canada.

We need to ensure that essentials like medical equipment are of top quality and available at that critical moment.

Let’s not get fooled into using foreign sources when we know we have the materials, know-how and capability here in Canada.  

Let’s build what we need right here at home. 

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