A Jobs Plan for Canada

A Jobs Plan for Canada

Now is the time for serious solutions to serious challenges.

A Conservative government that I lead will get Canada back on track.

I will be Canada’s jobs Prime Minister.

Over the past five years under the Trudeau government, Canada’s employment numbers lagged our major trading partners.  Trade and financial surpluses were turned into permanent deficits.  Opportunities were squandered to get our energy to Canadian and international markets. Federal budgets became exercises in virtue signalling. Small business owners were treated like tax cheats.

Justin Trudeau’s response to COVID-19 has been to open the financial floodgates for individuals, but he has failed to provide the supports and conditions that employers need to keep jobs alive.

We need to get Canadians back to work in every part of the country. 

This challenge requires bold action.

We need sustainable private-sector job growth to achieve a full economic recovery.  

As Prime Minister, I will move quickly and decisively and focus on areas where Canada can regain its global leadership in natural resources. Canada will become a technology powerhouse of the north and a nation where advanced manufacturing provides high-paying, sustainable jobs. Our tax system will be transformed from a hindrance to a driver of job creation and growth.  I will enact policies that will bolster our small business sector. And fair trade will be a key building block so that Canada can lead the world in job creation.  

With our economy in tatters, we first need to shock the system back to life. Recovering from this crisis requires both business and consumer confidence that a national Conservative government that I lead can provide. 

My eight-point Jobs Plan for Canada will help us come out of COVID-19 stronger than ever.

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