Get Government Finances Under Control

Get Government Finances Under Control

We are in the midst of a serious health and economic crisis.

Our government has an important role to play in protecting our country and our citizens as we fight COVID-19 and the economic hardships it has created. This role requires strategic and responsible government investments to help us through this storm.

But a responsible government spending plan requires a path to get our books back in order when we come out of the crisis.

That’s what’s missing from Justin Trudeau’s response to this crisis. He has no plan.

In fact, he has never had a plan to balance the books. He piled up massive deficits and added billions of dollars to Canada’s debt in good times, long before we faced a crisis.

As a Conservative Prime Minister, I will bring a responsible approach to managing our government finances, one that does not mortgage the future for our children and grandchildren.

I served in a government that faced a deep economic crisis in 2008-2009.

We made important and responsible investments when we needed to, and as a result we  ran a large deficit. Doing so was a hard pill to swallow as a fiscal conservative. But our government was responsible t because we knew we owed  it to all Canadians, particularly young Canadians, not to leave them a legacy of debt.

Even as we introduced our response to the crisis, we unveiled our plan to get back to balance in five years.

And we did it.

A Conservative government that I lead will once again get government finances under control.

I will roll back the special powers Justin Trudeau took before shutting down Parliament to avoid scrutiny.

I will control growth in government bureaucracy, just as we did after the last crisis and put Canada on a path to return to balance.

Together we will get back to government and get our finances under control.

Do you agree or disagree with Peter that we need to roll back the special spending powers given to the government under COVID-19?