Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery

We all understand that COVID-19 has caused governments around the world to spend more than ever to deliver financial support and stability. In response to a global financial crisis in 2008 our Conservative government increased spending and the debt.  But each year thereafter we reduced the deficit until the books were balanced

But we all know Justin Trudeau can’t manage the economy properly. Instead of running surpluses and paying down our national debt, Justin Trudeau chose to run massive deficits each year since 2015. That was in times of prosperity, when we should have been saving for tough times.

Now more than ever Canada’s Conservatives must be ready to lead the economic recovery effort so that we come out of COVID-19  stronger than ever.

Conservatives have done much of the heavy lifting throughout Canada’s history — and we will do so again. But we must be united as a party to win the next election and we must be thoughtful and pragmatic about how we will face the real challenges ahead.

I won’t block the projects that will build our prosperity - I will act swiftly and decisively and get behind them.

I will work with Canadian business to rebuild our manufacturing sector and work hard to find new markets for Canadian products.

I will reach out to like-minded democratic countries that share our values and reforge our strong alliances that work in Canada's 's interest.

No matter the challenge, the values that define us as Conservatives endure — our sense of optimism, our love and loyalty to our country, and the willingness to do the hard work and heavy lifting so that Canada will be a better place for the generations that follow us.

Canada needs Conservative ideas and Conservative solutions that will work in every part of the country.

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